————-burn or scorch the surface of (something) with a sudden, intense heat.
— merriam-webster dictionary

welcome to ALL SEAR

i created ALL SEAR as a way to share one of my passions with you.  i think of food as a form of expression, a way to share something special.  

the name ALL SEAR comes from my philosophy on life, to approach it all in, and with high heat.  the logo is an upside-down A (∀), the mathematical symbol meaning "for all". 

in this website, i would like to show you some of the types of food that i like to make.  i hope to inspire you to be creative with your choice of ingredients, your techniques, and your methods of making it artistic.  most importantly, i hope to inspire you to jump into cooking, all in, and with high heat.

i hope you enjoy.  may the best of today be yours, today and every "today".