EVA RIZ AND MOUSSAMBLE | makes 8 servings |


toasted puffed brown rice with a salted caramel melange

  • toasted puffed brown rice
  • sea salt
  • sugar
  • butter
  • honey

cheese torte

  • 1/2 kg cream cheese
  • 3/4 cup sour cream (equal amount as sugar)
  • whole vanilla bean
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 eggs eggs
  • 1/4 tsp salt

sweet potatoe almond moussamble

  • 5 sweet potatoes
  • 3 cups almond milk (approximately)

classic english toffee

  • sugar (equal amount as butter)
  • butter
  • vanilla extract
  • white chocolate
  • dark chocolate


toasted puffed brown rice with a salted caramel melange

  1. take a big mixing bowl and toss in your toasted puffed brown rice
  2. in a nice pan, heat honey and add sugar and butter
  3. keep stirring until it gets nice and brown
  4. add in heavy cream (that you separately brought to a simmer)
  5. keep stirring and be careful not to let it get too hot 
  6. wait for a rich brown color and sticky consistency 
  7. take it off the heat and let it cool a little - don’t worry, it won’t harden
  8. mix in your sea salt
  9. pour the caramel onto the puffed rice
  10. mix everything up and then shape them into cylinders, this is going to be your base

cheese torte

  1. scrape out the vanilla seeds from the vanilla bean
  2. use a mixer and mix together sour cream and cream cheese then the sugar, eggs, salt, and vanilla
  3. put the mixture into a large baking pan
  4. bake at 325F for a bit until it gets a firmness to it (this might take 25-40 minutes)
  5. take it out and let it cool 
  6. cut it into circles and set it aside

sweet potato almond moussamble

  1. place sweet potatoes in a baking tray and cover with aluminium foil
  2. bake until soft (over an hour)
  3. the skin should just peel right off
  4. after the potatoes cool, puree them in a blender
  5. take some of the pureed potatoes and blend it with some almond milk until it gets nice and smooth and airy
  6. set it aside, this is going to be used to top your creation

classic english toffee

  1. take a nice pan and melt your butter, then add sugar and water to the pan
  2. don’t move from the pan, and keep stirring it until it gets nice and goey and looks like caramel
  3. turn off the heat and add the vanilla extract
  4. quickly pour it onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and smooth it out before it hardens
  5. once it cools, drizzle melted dark and white chocolate over the toffee
  6. let it cool and then break it into pieces


  1. take the toasted puffed rice base and put a little bit of the mousse on it
  2. place the cheese torte on top
  3. add a generous dollop of mousse on top
  4. shave some chocolate over the dessert
  5. serve with classic english toffee on the side