apple parsley juice

this is a recipe for a very intense green juice.  very intense because it has a lot of parsley in it, but also because i used 2 apples to make it sweeter than i normally would.  the purpose of this is to make it a great post-workout juice when high amounts of carbs (in this case sugars from the apples) are desirable.  

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make your life easy, collect and prepare all of the ingredients prior to starting juicing.  you'll notice that i added 1/2 of a cucumber here - that's mostly for volume - i tend to like cucumbers for that purpose because they have a light flavor that can blend well with the other ingredients.

i use a masticating juicer, so i have to cut up my fruit into large pieces.

juice away, and drink this after a particularly grueling workout - you'll notice how much it helps re-energize you.



starfruit grapefruit juice

starfruit isn't a very common fruit, but its worth adding to your palette.  it has a very crisp as subtle flavor that complements other fruits very well.  in this drink, i combined starfruit and grapefruit for a tart, citrus drink that is far better than just orange juice.

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there are a number of different kinds of grapefruit out there, pick your favorite and jump in.

peel your grapefruit and get rid of as much pith (the bitter white stuff) as possible.  this step is more crucial when blending, and not so much here because you are juicing.

juice everything together.  add the blueberries as garnish.



kiwi cucumber smoothie

here's a drink recipe that can made as a morning pick me up, or as an after meal refresher - entirely up to you, based on the base you use (if any).  options include drinking it straight, using sparkling water, tonic water, or coconut water.  if you want to turn this into a heavier smoothie, you can add yogurt or milk (or a milk substitute).

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collect all of your ingredients before you begin.

peel the cucumber and kiwi - this will make your drink silky and smooth.  remember, you're only using the juice of the lime here, not the whole thing.

blend away with some ice.  if you decide to mix this drink, use a 1:1 ratio of smoothie and whatever base you fancy.



mushroom chicken with sautéed kale

here's a recipe that works especially well for those of you who prepare meals a week at a time.  match this chicken with a few different vegetables (in this case, sautéed kale) and bam, you have a few different meals just like that.

this is a classic roasted chicken that is inspired by cold autumn weather that makes cream of mushroom soup enticing.  the sauce here is made from blending the liquid from cooking the chicken and chicken infused mushrooms. 

the sautéed kale here is a made with shallots and garlic for a classic, yet slightly sweet flavor.

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dry the chicken well and place the thighs skin side up in a large roasting pan.

season with salt and pepper, then add ghee, aleppo pepper, mushrooms, carrots, and almond milk.

roast in the oven uncovered at 450F for about 45 minutes, until the internal temperature is about 175F, then finish if off in the broiler for about 3-5 minutes.

be patient with the shallots and garlic - go for low to medium heat and cook in butter until they brown evenly.

add the cauliflower and kale sequentially. 

plate in the following order: kale and carrots, chicken, sauce, then top with some grated pecorino romano cheese.



kiwi tomato arctic char

arctic char is a type of pink fish that is often described as being somewhere in between salmon and trout, it is a very smooth and soft fish, and thus does well when paired with flavorful complementary sauces rather than dousing it in spices and flavors. 

the sauce in this dish is inspired by a middle eastern condiment that is made by blending cilantro, tomatoes, onions, and lemon juice.  in this case, i substituted the lemon juice with kiwi to give the sauce a tart and tangy taste.

there is a lot of fish on ALL SEAR, because, in addition to it's taste, fish can be very healthy, and incredibly quick to make.

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start with fresh filleted arctic char.  look for a light pink color when buying this, slightly less pink than salmon.  keep the skin on for flavor.

lay out all of your ingredients before you begin to make your life just a little bit easier.

use a thick yogurt here.  my personal favorite is siggi's skyr. obviously, i would recommend it, but another good option is greek yogurt.

i was one of those people who used to think that a vitamix is all hype until i started using one.  now i use it regularly for more than just sauces, smoothies, and soups.  i tossed in tomatoes, kiwi, cilantro, onion, and sea salt here.

i blended the mixture at speed setting 1 for about 45 seconds.  i intentionally left it slightly chunky for the texture.

this is round two of blending.  this time, it is cilantro, olive oil, lime juice, crushed red peppers, and mustard paste.  salt to taste, 

blend this one silky smooth...

here's a great time to whip out the sashimi knife and slice the arctic char in nice even slices.  

pan fry the fish on high heat with some butter.  be careful here, since the slices are thin, they will cook extremely fast, and as you know, the easiest way to ruin fish is to overcook it.

plate the dish in the following order; yogurt, arctic char, kiwi tomato sauce, cilantro mustard sauce, and then finally top with some aleppo pepper and sumac.