i purposely made this a simple salad with just a few flavors.  the radish give a nice crispy texture with a slightly bitter taste which is countered by the softness and mildness of the spinach.  the kale is in there to give the leaves a bit more sturdiness and because it goes well with the lemon garlic infused olive oil.

i make infused olive oils ahead of time and keep them for weeks.  i always have them on hand for when i want a light flavor with my greens.  at some point i will post a recipe for some of my favorite oils but until then i'll leave you with the general principle - you want to heat olive oil at a low temperature and for a long enough time that you dehydrate anything you put into the oil, such as lemon peel and garlic.

(click on any of the photos for the recipe)

learning how to slice transparently thin will not only save you from having to buy a mandoline, but will also earn you lots of respect in the kitchen.  this reminds me of yan from "yan can cook" when he makes paper thin slices of a bell pepper using a kitchen cleaver so thin that you can read the label of his favorite soy sauce through it.