this is a good recipe to keep in your back pocket for when you need a dessert, but can't afford the time to make something more intricate.  this recipe has 3 main ingredients - mascarpone cheese, heavy cream, and sugar.  you can be creative with different flavors (i used lavender bc of inspiration i got from a lavender ice cream i once had) and you can top this with virtually anything (i wanted something crunchy, so i crumbled up gluten-free cookies - other ideas include berries, shaved chocolate, ganache, or something even more exciting).  

let's talk about lavender a little bit.  lavender is a beautiful purple flower found in europe, africa, and asia.  it supposedly has some of medical benefits (particularly in its calming and sleep-inducing properties) in addition to its sweet, floral aroma.  you can find lavender essence at most grocery stores, and you can also find essential oils if you want to use it for its smell.  since i'm not a fan of using artificial colorings, one way that i might color this dish would be to add a few blended blueberries - not enough to alter the flavor significantly, but enough to give it a light "lavender" color.

(click on the photo for the recipe)