when your favorite fishmonger has fresh, plump, wild-caught scallops, buy first and think about how you will make them later.  here i bathed them in a watercress and shallot sauce.  watercress has a leafy, bitter and almost spicy taste that i paired with red chili and balanced out with coconut milk.

(click on any of the photos for the recipe)

i used shallots as the base here instead of more typically using onions.  shallots have a sweeter and more flagrant side than onions.  make sure you dice them evenly so that they brown in a consistent manner.  i intentionally used whole garlic cloves here - because i wanted to have a mix of raw and cooked garlic in this sauce (i took out the garlic and blended it with the watercress).

the photo below shows the strong green color of the watercress mixture right after adding it back to the pan. as you continue to reduce this, it will darken and taste less raw.  i only blended a small amount of the shallots because i wanted the sauce to have a little chunky texture to it.  

i began plating here in a large shallow bowl, i know, its hard to tell from the photo what kind of plate this is.  i garnished this with some roasted enoki mushrooms.  why? just because they make this look like an apple, and because i infused a slight asian influence in this when i added coconut milk.  

searing scallops is so easy, yet so difficult at the same time.  its easy because all you have to do is heat butter and plop the scallops on and flip them.  its difficult bc if you overcook the scallops even a little bit, you may as well have not made them to begin with.  the scallops give off this wonderful brown concoction which you can save and make a super tasty glaze by adding some grape juice and reducing it.  

and there you have it, the final plating...