i named this dish faux pho, because i could never claim to authentically make a dish that requires years of apprenticeship to master.  pho comes in many varieties, but usually features seafood, vegetables or meat.  the soup has a very distinct flavor of ginger, cilantro, and scallions.  i made my version using sirloin steak, but as always, feel free to be creative.  try to match the broth with the main ingredient if you can.

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whenever i make red meat, i make it a point to lay my meat out and aggressively season it (did you know that season means salt and pepper - a lot of people think it means to flavor) and let it sit.  be generous with your time, the meat will be better for it.  pick your cuts wisely - it's definitely worth your time to learn the different cuts and when to get each kind.

a cast iron grill pan can make or break any type of meat.  to this day i can't seem to figure out how they can be so amazing, yet so cheap.  make sure you keep your pan "seasoned" - a quick google search will tell you far more than you need to know about how to care for your pan.

when i grill meat, i let the pan get hot, and then even hotter.  all in, high heat, as i love to say.

the beef should be rare, meaning totally red on the inside - in fact, this is the definition of seared - ALL SEAR'ed.  the reason for this is because the beef needs to finish cooking in the soup and thus trade some flavors - and the worst thing you could probably do to meat is to overcook it.

take about 1/2 of a jalapeño and slice it thinly, you can use it to top your pho.  also, use the white parts of your scallions while cooking your soup (you will take them out with the rest of the solids), and you can use the rest (the more green end) to finish your pho.

in keeping with my gluten-free mantra, i used rice ramen for my pho.  this particular one is made from red/brown rice and ends up with this beautiful color.

bean sprouts are a key to this dish.  here i layered rice ramen, bean sprouts, scallions, and cilantro.  next comes the soup followed by the beef and finally topped with more scallions, jalapeños and black pepper.