i thought long and hard about posting this recipe, mostly because it is incredibly quick and simple (watch my video - i made this start to finish in 22 minutes) and because it ends up looking so good.  i thought to myself that maybe i should keep this a secret and use it whenever i want to impress someone, but alas, i'm not much into impressing people - so i'll share so that you can do it.

(click on any of the photos for the recipe)

since this is a rare occasion that i use gluten-free bread, i want to make an important point here.  i consider bread to be unhealthy and is something that i avoid big-time (i don't do gluten), but occasionally i use gluten-free substitutes not because they are healthy, but because they are marginally less-unhealthy.  this is because many gluten substitutes are high in starches and other refined grains which as a general rule are non-ideal because they are processed and because they have high glycemic indexes.  

avocado is so versatile as a fruit - i eat it plain, smash it on bread (like in this case), make eggs in them (like my eggs baked in avocados), have it as a side (like in my za'atar spinach scrambled eggs) or made into a dressing (like my avocado dressing).  

i used a microplane grater/zester here to make the extra sharp cheddar a soft airy consistency.  feel free to use any cheese you like - but keep in mind that if you want to grate it then you should use a hard cheese.

poaching eggs is a lot easier than it looks.  i learned this technique from a sous chef in philadelphia: simmer water and add a little bit of apple cider vinegar (enough that you can barely smell it - if the smell is strong, start over, otherwise your eggs will not be smooth and will taste acidic) and creating a little whirlpool in the pot using a whisk and gently laying an egg in the center.  the swirl will make the egg fold in on itself.  grab a slotted spoon and keep checking on your egg by poking it with your finger to get a sense of the stages of "doneness" - you want the egg white to be completely cooked but the yolk to be soft and runny so that when you cut into it it looks like the photo below.