i feel like posting this recipe is like the equivalent of doping in the world of professional sports - a lot of performance, without all of the hard work.  i say this because of how easy this is to make and because of how few ingredients it requires.  i often advocate for letting lamb bloom with its own flavors and being augmented with only salt and pepper - this steak epitomizes that.  

i paired this lamb with my lemon garlic kale salad (which coincidentally i pair with almost everything that i make).

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seasoning - did you know that in the cooking world 'to season' means to use salt and pepper.  when you add other additives, it becomes 'to flavor' rather just 'to season'.  anyway, this is the most important step second to picking some pieces of meat.  here i used lamb leg that had a generous layering of fat.  i seasoned both sides with salt and black pepper and let it sit for quite some time. 

you know how much i love butter - by the way, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recently changed its stance on dietary fat and cholesterol intake - something that i've been advocating for for years.  

while seasoning was the most important step to a good lamb steak, cooking it is the easiest to mess up.  most people, myself included, mess this up by overcooking the lamb and this usually happens when i get nervous and don't turn up the heat enough.  remember to listen for that sizzle right when the meat hits the pan.

i served this lamb steak with my favorite lemon garlic kale salad.  click on some of the photos for the full recipe.  basically this is a way to marinate kale in olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic.

you can be creative here with the marinade.  i like to add crushed red peppers and cumin powder, but you could really do anything you desire here.

that's right, really massage that marinade into the kale.  the kale will stay crispy and can keep for upwards of a week in the fridge (crazy, i know).