a friend had requested stir fry for dinner - so this is what i came up with - a dish that features walnuts and different greens to complement the chicken.  i used rice noodles here to make this dish gluten-free, and also to make it a balanced meal of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  

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i really love mixing textures when i cook.  in this dish, i achieve this by using some raw vegetables and sprouts - snow peas, bean sprouts, and broccoli sprouts.  

there are quite a few different kinds of rice noodles you can find, each with its own distinctive color and flavor - feel free to do as you please.  

i make the chicken separately to help keep those textures i mentioned above.  the major flavors here come from soy sauce, fish sauce, and worchestershire sauce, all mixed in with chicken and walnuts.  i use scallions here to give add some greenery and substitute for onions.

here's the fun part - tossing this entire mixture.  be careful not to mush up the rice noodles but at the same time make sure that the sauce saturates all of the ingredients.