fun fact about me, my nickname in college used to be "the fish".  now that i've given you something to laugh about, let's talk about red snapper and berbere spice.

berbere spice is an ethiopian/eritrean spice that has all sorts of goodness: chili peppers, garlic, ginger, basil, korarima, rue, ajwain or radhuni, nigella, and fenugreek.  it has a solid kick to it and is a very well balanced spice.  

red snapper, is well, red snapper.  it's a salt water fish found in the atlantic - i'm told from brazil to florida.   red snapper is great to bake or grill whole and has a sweet flavor - hence why i paired it with a chili based spice.

(click on any of the photos for the full recipe)

start with the freshest fish - this will make or break the end result, chat up your local fishmonger, get to know him or her and he or she will guide you in the right direction.

rub the fish with the berbere seasoning.  if you are in an adventurous mood, you can make the seasoning yourself, or you can buy it pre-made at many grocery stores (i got mine at Whole Foods).  make sure you rub the seasoning all over and inside the fish too.

the shallots and garlic will serve as your base here.  you can start this on the stove and then move to the oven or go straight to the oven (you can use the broiler to help get your skin crispy).

the parsley and cilantro here will lighten the spice and heat in this dish.  be generous, in life, and with cilantro - that's what i like to say.  

cook in the oven at 400F for about 20 minutes - make sure you flip at around minute 12-15.  baste it while you are at it.

i served this with roasted green beans and yellow beets as well as my regular garlic lime salad.  eat with your hands and watch out for fish bones.