this is part 2 of the party that i catered this month.  it's a take on last years blackberry chili chicken, but this time, takes a savory approach instead of a tart and fruity approach.  i used black marinated olives for this recipe, mostly because they have a very distinct, aged, taste, something that goes really well in a marinade.

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start by painstakingly removing the seeds from your olives - resit the urge to use your teeth.  add the olives to your blender with the spices and olive oil and then the coriander and heavy cream in that order.  if you blend the heavy cream too much, well, it becomes like whipped cream, which belongs on your iced coffee drink, and not in your chicken.  note that i did not add any salt to this mixture, that's because the olives are plenty salty to begin with.

i admit that this marinade does not look all that appetizing.  once it soaks into the chicken, though, you'll really begin to appreciate the color that the olives give.

marinade your chicken pieces (i use boneless legs and thighs because they dry out much less than white meat).  skewer the chicken and store overnight so the flavors really set in.  let them come to room temperature before you grill them.  grill on medium heat until the chicken gets to about 180F.  

i made this to go along with gluten-free chicken burritos - along with rice, guacamole, shredded cabbage, cheese, and salsa.  it is probably best paired with more neutral flavors.