this is the appetizer that i made for the party that i catered this month.  ceviche is a typical south american dish that's made of raw fish, that is "cooked" in acid and salt.  the dominant flavors tend to be lemon juice, onion, and coriander.  ceviche is supposedly a very old dish, dating back 2000 years ago when it is rumored to have been brought to Peru from Granada.  Anyway, it is a remarkably easy dish to make, but one that must be made in careful planning to ensure that the fish is not too raw, nor too cooked.  

(click on any of the photos for the complete recipe)

start by prepping your vegetables.  consistency in size is key beginning here all the way to preparing the fish. i used mini heirloom tomatoes because of the varied colors that they come in, but you could easily just use cherry or grape tomatoes.

radishes have a very bold and strong flavor, so make sure you slice these thinly.  i try to slice them so that they are translucent, as a general guide.  

i don't think that anything is more awe inspiring that the natural colors of fruits and vegetables.

yet another time to whip out the trusty blender to make the "sauce" for your ceviche.  you want to blend this until it is as smooth as possible.  best not to add further textures from this sauce, you want the crispiness of the vegetables to balance out the soft, meat like consistency of the seafood.  

the key to good ceviche, as is the case for most dishes, is to only use fresh ingredients.  remember that your fish is virtually raw, so you cannot mask the smell of old fish and shrimp by cooking it.

combine everything and mix with your hands, this way you're not making the fish mushy.  pour on the thick part of your sauce as well, it adds a great flavor.  ceviche is not something that keeps that well, so try to make it fresh and serve it just as fresh.