i was walking through chinatown and i came across a street vendor selling these beautiful lychees in addition to tons of other fruits that i love like jack fruit and guavas.  i bought a few pounds, i just had to, and when i realized that maybe i went a little overboard, i decided to try to incorporate them into a dessert.

this recipe, like most of my recipes, centers around simplicity.  the mousse is made of sour cream, heavy cream, and sugar (aaah, added sugar, i know - crazy; but i don't believe in making healthy desserts, desserts should be desserts and if they should use high quality ingredients and if they end up being unintentionally healthy, or unintentionally less-unhealthy, then that makes me happy).  the flavor here comes from fresh lychees, raspberries, and rose water, flavors that i think lend exceptionally well to each other.  learn how to pipe the mousse better than me and you'll automatically make the dessert fancier.  

you can make this directly onto a plate, or you can fashion a gluten-free crust out of nuts, oats, and honey.  more on that later when i post a dedicated crust recipe.

(click on any of the photos for the full recipe)

you absolutely must start with fresh ingredients.  this photo shows longan (the yellow ones), rambutan (the prickly ones), lychee (the scaly ones) and a couple of mangosteens.  all courtesy of the chinatown street vendors.

i hope this goes without saying, but lychees need to be peeled and pitted.  peel a few (read, a lot) of extras, so that you can eat them.  

this is the sour cream mixture after it has been mixed.  you can add some sugar here, or you can only add it to the whipped cream, up to you.

if you have a dry container for your blender, powder the sugar first so that you have a smooth consistency.  if not, you can always just buy powdered sugar.  

this is your opportunity to practice your piping skills!