this lobster risotto recipe was inspired by coincidence.  someone at work mentioned risotto to me at work earlier this week and just a few days later arborio rice caught my eye at the store (well packaged, i may add).  i had also been thinking of making my tandoori lobster at some point, so i decided to throw together all of these thoughts into a lobster risotto.  the tandoori lobster recipe will come at some point, don't worry.

this is a starch and carbohydrate heavy meal, which most of you know makes me wince a little.  carbohydrates like this have their place in a healthy diet, so use them the evening after a good workout, to help replenish your energy stores and get you ready for your next intense workout.  

(click on any of the photos for the full recipe)

start by heating the butter and adding the onions, scallions, and green chillies.  you want these to cook until the onions soften.  don't cook them until the onions brown, the reason for this is that they are in for a lot more cooking in the coming steps.

add the dry arborio rice and mix constantly until the rice browns a little.  this will help the rice pick up some of the flavors of the onions and chillies before you add the vegetable stock.

this is a key step, you want to add 1 cup of vegetable stock at a time and cook the rice until it absorbs everything.  the rice will get plump by the time you have added all of the stock.

in addition to adding another vegetable to this recipe, the spinach gives the rices  a beautiful unique color.

add your roasted squash here.  you could use any vegetable, i preferred a softer, earthier vegetable.  you can even leave this step out if you would like.

add the parmesan cheese.  here you want to go for a hard cheese, so you do have some options.

now comes the lobster.  please learn how to kill the lobsters yourself.  i don't know what a lobster feels, but i tend to think that getting steamed alive is not a fun way to go, i would much prefer a knife into the brain to make it quick and painless.

i plated with a sprig of rosemary and topped the risotto with some fresh black pepper.  another non-green color would have added something special to the plate.