these lamb chops are an experiment with new spices.  i was gifted fresh souvlaki and greek kebab spices, and i thought that this would be a perfect time to try them out.  the other spice i used was a combination of tagine and berbere spice.  

lambs are very easy to make because they require minimal effort, somehow, this is also what makes them difficult to make.  we, as humans, have a tendency to need to fiddle with things, we find it difficult to do less, to let go more, and thus we complicate our cooking.  learn to hold your hands behind your back and breathe, and your cooking will evolve to something greater than you could have created yourself.

(click on any of the photos for the full recipe)

2 key ingredients here: grass fed lamb and your spices.  the butter and garlic play supporting roles.  

start with a well seasoned cast iron grill pan, toss on some butter and garlic, and then when nice and hot, throw on the lamb.