umi kitchen is a cool and innovative startup that is trying to change the way people eat at home by bringing home cooked food to you.  they started out in new haven, connecticut and recently hosted a summer potluck at the yale sustainable food program farm.  i was fortunate enough to be able to attend and be part of an amazing collection of great people who poured their hearts into their cooking.  great flavors, interesting people, beautiful weather, set on the yale farm - it was the perfect recipe for an amazing potluck.

here's a blurb of what umi kitchen is, you can check them out on their website for more details.

Welcome to Umi. We connect talented home chefs with families and individuals who crave a home cooked meal. We'll take care of delivery so you can take care of yourself and your family. We'll find the best Umi Kitchens in your city. While you're enjoying the convenience of delicious home cooked meals delivered to your door, Umi Chefs gain access to a unique entrepreneurial outlet. Sometimes home is the best restaurant in town.

Real good food by real good people. Umi is Arabic for 'my mother'. We believe a home cooked meal made personally, intentionally, and with care, is the best kind of meal there is. Everyone - no matter how busy, young, or old - should enjoy real, healthful, delicious home cooking. There's some serious culinary talent hiding in your city's Umi Kitchens and Team Umi knows just how to find it. 

here are a couple photos of the spread.  everything on the table was home-made in true umi kitchen manner.  

this was my contribution to the potluck: a chili and cilantro rice noodle soup with roasted eggplant and chicken.  the base of this soup is blended cilantro, fresh green chillies, and coconut milk.  i added chicken to the mix and then tossed on roasted eggplant.

here's sal trying to act cool...

here's sal being an idiot and trying to balance a pot on his head...