i tend to like contrasting flavors.  in this case, i contrast very spicy peppers with the sweetness and tartness of blueberries.  this is a two step recipe, the first is to make the sauce, and the second is to make the fish.  you can make the sauce ahead of time to save time, but make sure you cook the fish fresh.  i chose mahi mahi because i was going for a meaty, neutral type of fish to really let the sauce stand out.

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i love when the produce is imperfect.  it feels more natural and less artificial.  this is how vegetables should be, but yet somehow you only see the perfectly shaped ones in the grocery stores.

throw all of your ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  this is not a time to make a textured sauce. 

i can't get over this color.  

here is a time to be patient and really let the sauce thicken and cook.  its will progressively get darker as you cook it down.

you know that it's done when it gets back a blueberry color.  add some fresh basil here for a little bit of added flavor.

cook your fish on a pan.  skin side down first - always.  watch the sides as they opacify to make sure that you're cooking it the right amount.  not undercooked and certainly not overcooked.  

toss some sauce in the bottom of a plate and place the fish on top.  then take a brush and gently apply some more sauce onto the fish.  serve while still warm.