this recipe is a meal salad - a hefty meal, that is.  it is packed full of protein in the form of lean chicken breast.  you can easily alter the amount of chicken in this recipe to suit your needs.  this is another "make ahead" recipe that works well for packing lunches - just keep the ingredients separate until the night before and you will be all set in the morning.

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like a broken record - i keep saying this - start with the freshest ingredients possible, they require the least amount of effort to make something amazing.  that's because they do all of the work.

boil the chicken breasts for somewhere from 10 to 15 minutes with a little bit of salt.  be careful not to overcook the chicken, otherwise it will get rubbery and destroy your salad.

pat the chicken breasts dry, allow them to get to room temperature, and slice them up.

cut up all of your ingredients!

this dressing follows the same principles as any oil + acid dressing - whisk together with your choice of spices and flavors.  here i use cumin, black pepper, poppyseed, and salt.  

layer in a large shallow bowl, then drizzle the dressing on top.  this should be served at room temperature.