i had a phenomenal salad near union square where the chef combined stone fruit, tomatoes, and an acidic dressing.  that's where the inspiration for this salad comes from.  this is a salad devoid of the classic greens base - it combines flavors as well as textures in a way that a regular salad cannot.  this is a great make ahead dish, just cut up the ingredients and store them separately until ready to use, then assemble, and enjoy.  

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as with every time you cook, but even more so here, start with fresh ingredients.

when you pick your ingredients, take in mind that you are going to slice these thinly.  what that means for you is that you should pick them on the firmer side, otherwise they will get all mushy. go ahead and practice your knife skills - cut everything up.

the base of this dressing is oil (olive oil) + acid (citric acid from lime - you can also use lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc).  the cumin deepens the flavor and black pepper gives it some spice. 

whisk together so that the oil and acid combine rather than stay in 2 layers. 

layer everything and drizzle the dressing on top. make sure you serve this quickly.