here's a cool way to use fresh raw tomatoes for a salmon dish that yells summer. like most of the recipes on this site, it is incredibly easy to make - start to finish (including cleanup) should take about 30 minutes.  that's less than the time it would take to go get take away or even delivery.  don't be lazy, cook yourself, eat healthy, and rock on.

the premise of this dish is the fresh tomatoes that stay raw.  added bonuses are the cilantro and basil that liven up the tomatoes.  it is almost like a salsa type of feel, with a beautiful piece of salmon on top.  the salmon is slightly sweetened with honey to balance the aleppo pepper and ghost pepper flavors.  

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small tomatoes such as cherry or grape tomatoes work best here.

grab a heavy spoon and crush all of the tomatoes with the cilantro and garlic.  lightly salt and pepper at this time.  keep in mind that you will also be salting your salmon.

heat butter in a pan and gently place your salmon down, skin-side down.  lay down away from you to avoid burning yourself.

you want to flip over when the fish is cooked about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up. be careful not to break it.  

here's the exciting part.  brush some honey on the salmon then add some spices.  here, i used aleppo pepper and ghost pepper salt.

serve the salmon directly on top of the tomato mixture and serve while hot.