this is a recipe for a very intense green juice.  very intense because it has a lot of parsley in it, but also because i used 2 apples to make it sweeter than i normally would.  the purpose of this is to make it a great post-workout juice when high amounts of carbs (in this case sugars from the apples) are desirable.  

(click on any of the photos for the complete recipe)

make your life easy, collect and prepare all of the ingredients prior to starting juicing.  you'll notice that i added 1/2 of a cucumber here - that's mostly for volume - i tend to like cucumbers for that purpose because they have a light flavor that can blend well with the other ingredients.

i use a masticating juicer, so i have to cut up my fruit into large pieces.

juice away, and drink this after a particularly grueling workout - you'll notice how much it helps re-energize you.